iOS 7 Mac Icon Project: Make Your Dock Icons Look Like iOS 7

Recently, I stumbled upon this project called the iOS 7 Mac Icon Project. This project apparently started shortly after iOS 7 came out because the designer, Stephan Ashby, was disappointed that OS X Mavericks didn’t make the move to flat design like iOS 7 did. So, he created icons himself as replacements for current Mac OS X icons and used iOS 7 icons as the base. The icons look great and he has icons for almost every major application that you would use on your Mac!

Time for a Makeover!

NOTE: As of this update (November 19th), CandyBar does not work on Mavericks. To see how to update your icons please see this article.

NOTE: There is a new player on the block that has taken over where CandyBar has stopped. His name is LiteIcon. You can download LiteIcon by clicking here. After installing, the process is basically the same, however if you are having trouble with LiteIcon, see this article.

To download all of the icons, I have collected all of the icons he has come out with as of August 22, 2013. You can download that file, along with the other items that your going to need to download, at the bottom of the page and just unzip it to get all of the icons! After you download the icons, have any idea on how you can apply them to their respected app? If so, then good for you! For everyone else, also at the bottom of the page is a link to the download for CandyBar, an app that allows you to (you guessed it) change the icon for your apps!

CandyBar Main Screen


Once you have both files downloaded,  open CandyBar and press the ‘+’ in the bottom-left corner, and name the new collection “iOS 7 Icons.” Next, go to Finder and navigate to where you downloaded the icons. Highlight all the icons by clicking on the first item, then scrolling down and shift-clicking on the last item (if you did it right, every icon should be highlighted). Drag the icons into the bottom space.

Next you have to drag each icon from the bottom to the corresponding icon on top. The key for the icons is shown below:

Once you have all those icons set up, you need to do something special to change the Calendar icon. To do that, follow the instructions on this page. Once that is complete, you now have an iOS 7 themed dock!

The Updated Dock with a 2D background, much like what happens when the dock is on either side of the screen

To finish off your dock off, you might want to change the 3D glass that the icons rest on. To do that click on the ‘Change Dock Appearance’ tab. Scroll down to the bottom of the lists and check off ‘Use simple Dock when positioned on the bottom.’ The Dock will reset and you will be complete! Enjoy!

Resetting the icons

Resetting the icons is really easy. For most of them, go into CandyBar and click the button that says “Restore Icons” in the top right corner. Every app besides the Calendar will be reset. To reset the Calendar, do the same thing you did to change the calendar icon but this time, use the old versions that you should have backed up for yourself on the desktop (as you were instructed). And with that, you have all of the original dock icons again.

Downloads and Links

My interest in programming started when I was young. I convinced my parents to get me an iPod Touch when I was just 12 years old, and I made my first app when I was just 15. Since then, I have been learning and writing great, clean code for myself and for clients alike.

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2 comments on “iOS 7 Mac Icon Project: Make Your Dock Icons Look Like iOS 7
  1. stephenashby says:

    Thanks for spreading the word about my icons, I’m glad you like them. But please put a link to our site front and center at the top of your post; I’m happy for you to keep updating with new icons, as long as people know where they came from and have the link to see the other stuff we do.



    • Thank you for acknowledging my work, and thank you for making these icons! I have taken your recommendation and have updated the article to include a link to your icons and have done so in the first sentence of the article. I also updated the article to include a link to your post on how to add icons using LiteIcon for those that need the help. Keep up the good work!

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